miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013


Estamos de enhorabuena, nuestro centro ha sido elegido para que una estudiante de magisterio en prácticas imparta aquí sus clases. Se trata de una profesora, Jennifer, estudiante estadounidense de Magisterio que hará sus prácticas en nuestro CRA Campos Castellanos. Seguro que aporta mucho a toda la Comunidad Educativa, y nos facilita el aprendizaje del inglés. Os dejamos una breve presentación.

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Vanegas and I am a new teacher at CRA Campos Castellanos. I am from Orlando, Florida; while in Spain I am living with a host family in Cantimpalos. I am nineteen years old and this is my first time in Europe so this experience is very exciting. It is very hot in Florida, so I made sure to come to Spain prepared for the cold. I go the University of Central Florida to study Anthropology, Political Science, Communications, and English teaching. My hobbies include going to new places and being with my cat named Talula. My favorite television show is Adventure Time and my favorite food is burritos. Being in Segovia is wonderful; Spain is beautiful, the history is very interesting, but most of all I love the people. I am looking forward to an excellent stay!

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